You can now design, assess and audit all of your standards by using AR-GUS. Just like its namesake Argus from the greek methodology, AR-GUS is designed to reliably oversee any kind of process within your organization, helping to mitigate risks and to assign corrective actions.

AR-GUS is a comprehensive integrated solution for conducting any kind of assessment and managing the results. AR-GUS provides a one shop solution to design the assessment process tailored to your task.

If prior information on the location, objects and items you wish to assess is available, this data can be used by AR-GUS as well. AR-GUS supports the assessor/auditor in performing all tasks according to designed and defined steps. Audits may also be supported by remote experts that are able to share the auditors visual and user interface. Additionally AR-GUS is capable of using AI feature recognition.

Not only does AR-GUS come with a standardardized business process model and notation (BPMN) but also with a database storage structure based on the GML standard of OGC. The AR-GUS server and the mobile devices used to conduct the assessment share the same database technology. This integrated approach enables encrypted and secure handling of assessment data thus making it tamper-proof. AR-GUS is also able to handle spatial data either as spatial references of assessment objects or as metadata attached when specific tasks are performed.

All of these features place AR-GUS clearly at the technological vanguard of assessment software.