Process design

The AR-GUS Editor is a powerful tool to individually design assessment processes. It is based on the business process model and notation standard (BPMN). The AR-GUS editor provides an intuitive graphical user interface to design assessment processes as flow diagrams. Data from preexisting process descriptions can be imported.

Object data

The AR-GUS Editor also supports the collection of data about locations, objects and items that are to be assessed. The objects may be characterized by several attributes and also a spatial reference.


The AR-GUS App is for conducting the assessment in the field. It runs on mobile devices running the android operating system, such as smart phones, tablets and smart glasses. The AR-GUS App stores all assessment data locally on the mobile device, allowing it to be used completely offline, if desired. Encrypted data storage make assessment results tamper-proof.


AR-GUS Remote provides technology to remotely share the visual and user interface of the auditor in the field with an expert. This way the expert can supervise the auditor, help make decisions or even override the auditors findings, if necessary.

Reports and CAPA

AR-GUS Report provides the tools to rapidly generate reports and show statistics based on assessment results. It also supports CAPA management. AR-GUS Report may be used as either desktop or web-server application. The web-server can be installed in the customers domain, and does not necessarily need to be on a cloud server.


AR-GUS Dashboard automatically creates an overview of assessment results from the collected data. Figures of different sites or years can be easily compared. Each user may configure the dashboard individually according to their needs.